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Aug 5, 2013 9:30am PDT
a huge fan of first-term texas senator and guy with josh groban on his workout mix ted cruz. senator cruz's very public outspokenness has made him a thorn in the side of the g.o.p. leadership but they haven't told the press about their displeasure because whenever they get near a camera, ted cruz is already in front of it. recently cruz sat down with abc's jonathan carl to explain what keeps him so darned modest. >> you argued a case before the supreme court at age 32. >> it's an extraordinary opportunity to stand before the u.s. supreme court. takes your breath away. we didn't have a prayer. we were not going to win that case. i stood up and for 30 minutes there was not a single friendly question. i have always like the fact that i sit in my office and i look at a giant painting of me getting my tail whipped 9-0. it is very good for instilling humility. >> stephen: yes, i have to tell you i don't know what part of this painting comes off as more humble. is it the hypothetical of halo surrounding his head or is it his look toward heaven? or is it all of the people in this painting of him
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Aug 8, 2013 11:30pm PDT
lost every single day. it was a beautiful thing. i went from boston to florida, across to texas, into new orleans, down into mexico, eventually finished up coming across the golden gate bridge. and with so many stories this is the thing. everybody had a story to tell. this was the beautiful thing about america too. people were open and gracious and kind. i didn't sleep one single night in a hotel. i either camped out in a forest or by the river or people invited me into their homes. and it was just sort of fantastic. >> stephen: it is the accent you realize, it is disarming. it's a leprechaun what can possibly do to us. (applause) >> i know. >> stephen: well, colum mccann, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> stephen: colum mccann, the book is transatlantic. we'll be right back. thank you. d8p8$
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Aug 14, 2013 11:30pm PDT
bars? >> i've been to a gay bar in dallas texas. >> stephen: wait, what? and i was very familiar with what goes on in a gay bar. >> stephen: what were you doing in a gay bar? >> i was tt gay bar to get a beer. i just walked into the place. i was just making... >> stephen: friends? my rounds. it just happened to be a case that said beer. >> stephen: gay bar? that's why i stopped. stephen: today it's this town but what if gay tolerance spreads to the rest of small town america? >> if gay tolerance spreads, yes, it would hurt everything in a bad way. >> i had five others who came up and they all said we want to be the next one. that was great. >> stephen: great if you like swimming in a lake of fire. >> homosexuals are sinners. without the lord jesus christ they're going to hell. >> stephen: so johnny cummings, have fun as mayor of hell. that's something these back woods bible thumpers can understand. >> god makes them born gay, why is he against it? it says in the bible. if he is against it, why did he make them born that way? i can't understand that. i've tried and tried and tried
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)